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👋 Hi. I'm Tanner Campbell, founder of Practical Philosophy and host of the Practical Stoicism podcast. My current focus is on building the support infrastructure necessary to enable academics looking to leave academia and stand on their own two feet creatively and financially, to do just that.

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With nearly 1M downloads per month, the Practical Stoicism podcast is dedicated to participating in the fight to resurrect virtue ethics in contemporary society.This is accomplished by using our platform to have important discussions with brilliant academics, authors, and thought leaders about the problems facing the world and how continental philosophies aren't capable of either address, confronting, or resolving them.The podcast itself delivers accessible, and plainly spoken Stoic teachings as a way of laying a foundation of philosophic wherewithal upon which the rest of our efforts are built.


"Living Well: Stoic Ideas for a Better Life" will hit the shelves in the late Fall of 2023. The book is intended to be a practical, actionable, and non-partisan approach to implementing the biggest ideas of Stoicism into one's everyday life.