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I focus mostly on bringing the philosophy of Stoicism out of antiquity and modernizing it so that it is more practical and useful to individuals living today. I'm the host of the Practical Stoicism podcast and author of “Living Well: Stoic Ideas for a Better Life.”

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With more than 1M downloads per month, the Practical Stoicism Podcast is a philosophy podcast dedicated to bringing this ancient philosophy back into the mainstream of life philosophies.Those approaching Stoicism for the first time, with the intention of adopting it as a life philosophy, can find it both impossibly dense and extreme in its expectations of its students. For this reason, it is important that there exist a practical interpretation of the high-minded values of this ancient philosophy; to make the understanding and adoption of the basic tenets of Stoicism easier for those just starting out.


"Living Well: Stoic Ideas for a Better Life" will hit the shelves in the late Fall of 2022. The book is intended to be a practical, actionable, and non-partisan approach to implementing the biggest ideas of Stoicism into one's everyday life.


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