Solid Clear Space

I used to struggle with a duality of sorts. The world to me seems beautiful and amazing, with so much to see and do and experience. This is my view as I sit away from the world, indoors, not participating in the bigger picture. Despite that perceived beauty I worry that other people in that world will prove wrong my…

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I Value Few Opinions

“Every opinion should be valued and every idea respected.” How has the world gone so mad as to believe that such a ridiculous notion deserves a place in the canon of traditional wisdom? When did we let slip our firm hold on reason and reality to – instead – reach to grasp only the barren centimeters of horizontal earth atop a waxing, slippery slope? And…

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Sitting by the pit

A few weeks ago I built a fire pit in my backyard, I rarely get to enjoy it – probably because I live in south Florida – but I just couldn’t help building it anyway. There’s something about a fire pit, about a fireplace even, about a burning hearth around which you can gather all your friends or in front…

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Real Time

I recently made the decision to abandon mainstream social media. There were a myriad of reasons behind this decision, each equally as influential, but the theme between these reasons remained largely the same: the virtual world isn’t the real world and I tire from involving myself in it so much. I wrote this poem upon realizing I had outgrown spending…

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On Happiness

As I sit to write this it occurs to me how much I’ve evolved, philosophically and as a person, since I wrote “Happiness Through Fiction” a mere five months ago (a piece I still consider to be true but now view as impractical for use). Tonight someone in my life asked me a question that I was altogether unprepared to…

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The Fall of Resilience and Reason

For those of us who consider ourselves members of the “freethought” or “skeptic” communities, there’s been a disturbing trend emerging within the ranks of academia these past few years. Everyone calls it something different but regardless of the name you give it, the trend remains: increasingly we are seeing liberals acting illiberally in some of the most Orwellian of ways….

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On U.S. Immigration Policy

Last month President Obama, exercising his executive power, signed into law a piece of legislation that gave all illegal immigrants currently living in America, amnesty. There are quite a few caveats, the President didn’t grant citizenship to anyone and he didn’t grant amnesty to everyone, but I won’t spend a lot of time going over them. What’s I’d like to spend on…

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The De-Humanization of Criminals

CBS12 News recently published a article which covered a “Daddy Daughter Dance” held at Miami’s Federal Detention Center. Thirteen inmates and twenty daughters gathered in one of the facility’s meeting rooms (which was decorated and transformed into a makeshift ballroom) for two hours to dance, converse, and catch up. The video is below as is a transcript from a comment…

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Christianity and Homosexuality

Earlier today I read an article on the Stand to Reason Blog entitled “The Myth of Hate”, written by Alan Shlemon. The point of the article was that most Christians do not hate homosexuals – that is to say, they do not experience the emotion of hate in their regard of individuals who identify as homosexual. The article also expressed that these Christians are quite…

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Why I’m Working Towards Veganism

I’ve been struggling with my carnivorous nature for a little over a year now. I don’t mean to say that I’ve attempted to go vegan or vegetarian and have failed, I mean that I have been turning over – in my head – the moral issue of the eating, wearing, and being entertained by animals for that amount of time. Today…

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