On Raising the Minimum Wage

America’s three biggest problems, in relation to the economic reality of everyday people are: low wages, down-trending availability of jobs, and poor education. I believe you need five separate but connected solutions in order to solve these three separate problems. 1. A Raise In Minimum Wage We’re a country of the first world, our ideas of what is an acceptable…

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The Line Between Advocating Self-Esteem and Encouraging Unhealthy Behavior

As someone who has always taken health seriously but has only recently begun to take his own health seriously, I find myself in a state of constant annoyance with some internet activists who advocate for Fat Positivity (#FatPositive). I find that while all of these individuals are coming from a good place with good intentions, more than half of them…

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On Enforcing Gender Roles and Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Over the last five years we’ve seen an explosion in public discourse of gender-related topics. Some of these discussions are about equal representation of women and transgenders in video games and other entertainment modalities, others are about gender specification & grooming and how there should be less of it. Target recently made headlines with their decision to remove gender-specific language…

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On Privilege

I’m a white cis-gendered male. I’m not particularly fond of this sort of labeling, because it’s frequently used to invalidate my position on a given topic, but that is what I am. I’m what the LGBTQIA community would call “privileged”, too. There’s some truth to that I suppose. No one in my family was ever a slave in this country, I…

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Logical and Illogical Arguments Concerning Abortion

For as long as I can remember I’ve been pro-choice on the subject of abortion, and I remain so today. However, there’s been an evolution in the reasoning behind why I’m pro-choice. Initially I supported a “woman’s right to choice” because I simply didn’t care. That is to say that for a longer-than-I-would-care-to-admit amount of time, I was a bit…

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On Finding Happiness

Tonight someone in my life asked me a question that I was altogether unprepared to be asked, mostly because the assumption made in the question was both incredibly flattering and – to me – extremely far from reality. What follows won’t be a treatise on happiness, I’m in no position at this point in my development to write such a…

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A Secular Worldview Allows for Objective Morality

The word “moral” was never given a secular definition. I think we may have to admit that religion conceived of the word “moral” since the first time we see it is in translating St. Gregory the Great’s (that’s Pope Gregory I.) Moralia, sive Expositio in Job. While this may be the case, religion didn’t invent the phenomenon that this word…

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Why I’m an Atheist

I’m often asked why I identify as an atheist. I’ve been avoiding writing an explanation because I don’t identify as an atheist. I am an atheist (an agnostic atheist specifically) but when people ask me to describe who I am, atheist doesn’t come any closer to making the list than “not a Big Foot believer” does. Atheism has seen an…

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